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coloriage /ko.lo.ʁjaʒ/ - action de colorier; son résultat

19 May 1984
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Welcome to coloriages, an icon journal.

Here, you can find mostly stock icons, a few movie/tv ones, and other graphics from time to time. All posts will remain unlocked.

Friend me so as not to miss any update!

Please comment! I really love getting feedback. Even if you're not taking any icon, even if it's constructive criticism. I read and appreciate every comment I receive.

Credit is optional. I'll love you if you do, but I won't check if you don't. You can credit <lj user="coloriages">.

I'd rather you didn't edit my icons, even if they're textless/textureless. I love simple and colourful icons, it doesn't mean they are bases.

Of course, if you'd like an icon to be customised (with your name or whatever), I'd love to do it. Just ask. :)

Nominating is ok. Hotlinking is not.

You can find previously iconed themes in the tag page or in the sidebar list.

If for some reason you want to ask me something, request a theme, etc., please contact me either by leaving a comment on the latest entry or by using livejournal's messaging system (to: coloriages).

Stock images from Getty - Corbis - Image Cafe - Webshots - Free Images - Snapshot - Stock xchng - Veer.

Tiny icons by FamFamFam.

Layout by me.

Header picture by Zela.